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Dr. Marco Raber

25 years of experience in Urology and Andrology

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kidney Infection

Kidney Stones



Bladder Cancer

Premature Ejaculation

Poor(weak) Urine flow

Penile Discharge

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Prostate Cancer

HVP in Men

Prostate Pain

Peyronies Disease

Overactive Bladder

Urgent Urination

Herpes Genitalis


Erectile Dysfunction

Male Infertility

Kidney Cancer

Renal Colic

Frequent Urination

Enlarged Prostate

Prostate Pain Syndrome

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DR Marco Raber Urologist and Andrologist in Dubai

First Consultation

Diagnosis and treatment options according the International Guidelines

Dr Marco Raber Urologist and Andrologist in Dubai


If you need surgery, I’ll do it in a safe and full equipped operating theater


Second opinion

Honest evaluation of any treatment already planned elsewhere


If the treatment is out of my skills, I will personally select the best local or international doctor who can treat you at the best