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Curved penis

Curved penis

Curved penis is an erected penile abnormality characterized by some curvature grade. We consider minor curvature as regular. However, a too bent penis can have a possible negative impact on sexual activity.

Some men have had penile curvature since born (congenital curvature). In others, it develops over time in adult sexually active people (acquired penile curvature).

The treatment differs according to the causes of penile curvature. It is mostly surgery when the curvature negatively impacts sexual activity.

Causes of Curved Penis

  • Congenital causes: a disproportion between the length of the sides of the penile shaft causes the curvature. The side asymmetry results from congenital malformation where the development of the penile shaft was not uniform. Therefore, one side may result shorter than the opposite. This discrepancy causes the curvature because of the different expansion of the asymmetric penile shaft.
  • Acquired causes in the adult age: the common cause is the chronic inflammation of the internal sheath portions. The inflammation results in scarring and elastic fibres destruction. This area will not expand during the erection and makes the penis bent and deformed at that point (curved penis and hourglass penile deformity). This pathologic mechanism occurs in:


The treatment depends on the curvature grade and its impact on the patient’s sexual life. Penis curvature usually requires surgery.