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First Consultation

Medical interview with detailed history, physical examination, diagnostic work-up and follow-up with discussion and conclusions

DR Marco Raber Urologist and Andrologist in Dubai
Ultrasound Scan Urology

In-office Urology and Andrology US scan

With an ultrasound performed during the consultation, I can have an immediate evaluation of the clinical picture and achieve a faster and more accurate diagnostic workup.

Same day Lab tests

Urine analysis and blood tests performed immediately after the visit complete the diagnostic process. As soon as the results are obtained, I follow the patient up to plan any treatment immediately or diagnostic escalation

Blood and urine analysis Urology
Dr Marco Raber Urologist and Andrologist in Dubai


I do procedures on my patients in a fully equipped brand new hospital assisted by skilled anesthesiologists, scrub nurses and technicians

The best treatment to everyone

Every patient must be treated in the best possible way whatever his origin, education, and social status. My promise is to treat everyone as I would treat a family member.

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